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Ripple enables Modulr to deliver seamless payments across the UK and Europe.


Make global payments as seamless and fast as possible by removing the hidden inefficiencies hampering international payments.


With Ripple’s cross-border payments solution, Modulr offers merchants alternatives to traditional payment methods with reduced fees and increased speed of funding to their account. This partnership with Ripple provides Modulr customers with reliable, real-time access to international payments networks, driving economic value and benefits.

This partnership lays the groundwork for even bigger things to come. At Modulr, we’re excited to be working with Ripple on delivering real-time, price competitive and reliable payments into the UK and Europe, and then globally in the coming months.


Building seamless solutions globally

The leading Payments as a Service API platform for digital businesses. Since inception Modulr has focused on building a seamless solution into the European and UK payment rails. Powered by RippleNet, Modulr makes it easier than ever for businesses to run real-time, price-competitive and reliable payments internationally with the capability to directly hold and settle funds at the Bank of England.

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