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Novatti uses Ripple’s global payments solution to drive customer growth


To make cross-border payments fast, simple and secure with the help of blockchain technology.


Ripple’s global payments solution enables Novatti to provide secure and timely cross-border transactions between Australia and South East Asia. By leveraging Ripple’s ODL solution, which uses the digital asset XRP as a bridge for instant cross-border payments, Novatti is able to process thousands of transactions a month while scaling its service to even more fintech customers in South East Asia without pre-funding.

Within the first year of our partnership, we have successfully launched and generated revenue from new services in two countries in South East Asia alongside leading local partners, such as Siam Commercial Bank and iRemit.


Expanding financial services and payments for customers across the SEA region

A leading fintech that enables businesses to pay and be paid, Novatti enables payments from any device, anywhere. Novatti and Ripple’s partnership began in December 2020, with an initial focus on targeting cross-border transactions between Australia and the South East Asia region. Novatti utilizes RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service for remittances between Australia and the Philippines, leveraging XRP for instant, cross-border payments. Through RippleNet, Novatti has also expanded their services to Thailand, where they’ve partnered with the first Thai bank, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB).

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