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I'm Matthew Gumke, the CEO of ALBA Bank. ALBA Bank are the issuers of ALBA cryptocurrency. 


This page has been created to help with your frequently asked questions about ALBA. You can reach me via my Whatsapp +44 7308 684 798 or email if you have any more questions. 


What is ALBA?


ALBA is a cryptocurrency created for people residing in Scotland, seeking an alternative form of currency.

Are ALBA cryptocurrency affiliated with the ALBA Party? 

ALBA have no affiliation with the ALBA Party. ALBA support the ALBA party and have kept ALBA as donations for Alex Salmond, and the rest of the ALBA party. We also support the SNP and other Scottish political parties, and will happily support them with ALBA to introduce ALBA as Scotland's new currency. 

Are ALBA affiliated with the Bank of England?

ALBA have no affiliation with Bank of England. When Scotland gain independence, ALBA would like the Bank of England's approval to start managing central banking in Scotland as soon as possible. ALBA will request Bank of England approval to replace the Pound in Scotland starting in 2023, 2 years before the proposed date by the potential Scottish Reserve Bank. 

Why use ALBA instead of the Scottish Pound?

Many people in Scotland are sick of the high inflation rate in the Pound. This is caused by excessive government spending, primarily in England. While the inflation rate in the Pound is over 10% per annum, the ALBA inflation rate is 0%.

How long can the ALBA stay at 0% inflation?

There is enough tokenised ALBA to fund the NHS, Police Scotland and all essential government necessities for multiple years before needing to debase the currency.

Do ALBA want to get rid of cash?

ALBA like the idea of cash and do not want to get rid of cash. ALBA have design concepts for potential Scottish currency. 

Why will Scottish businesses support the ALBA?

Businesses can be supported via a business grant to ensure they can pay their staff during a transition to using ALBA cryptocurrency. 


Why will the Scottish Government support the ALBA?

ALBA have kept a large percentage of the supply for the Scottish Government and essential government funded services, such as the NHS and Police Scotland.


Why not support the Scottish Reserve Bank, planning to launch in 2025?

ALBA have been committed to helping Scottish citizens since 2022. By 2025, ALBA will have 4 years of experience, whereas the Scottish Reserve Bank will be a new concept. ALBA believe in free markets, giving everyone a fair chance to participate in a fair ALBA pre-launch, before going live to all Scottish citizens.

With inflation at 10%, we could also find that the Great British Pound will become no longer sustainable as a stable Scottish currency by 2025. 

Are ALBA ISO 20022 Compliant?

Yes, ALBA are compliant with ISO 20022. XRP is the dominant ledger. If we decide to add additional liquidity on more ledgers, ALBA on XRP will be kept safely in a secure wallet to show the tokenised asset on another ledger. This will be the same with cash. For example if we want to print 1 billion ALBA in cash, we can store 1 billion ALBA safely in an XRP wallet, that will never go into circulation. 

What is the ALBA total supply?

The ALBA total supply is 100 billion total coins. This can be increased at any time, to add additional liquidity for essential services such as the NHS. 

Can ALBA freeze my account?

ALBA will not freeze your account unless requested by Police Scotland. 

What happens if the Scottish government want to use a different currency?

If the government want a different currency to ALBA as the official Scottish currency, we will burn the 20% supply for the banks, 20% for the government and proceed to find more ways to burn supply. We will then operate as an alternative currency for the ALBA community, with a fixed supply. This could help ALBA adoption, if people become sick of the highly inflationary official currency, as investors see that we’re continually burning supply. Whether official or not, ALBA could be massively successful. 

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